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Welcome to my blog.
I have set a challenge for myself to complete a painting each day and post it to my blog. The main object of painting everyday is to track one's progress. All of the artwork viewed on this blog is for sale unless otherwise stated. I hope you enjoy my work - all comments are welcome. I can be contacted at

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Robin J Mitchell 
I live in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, a smallist town, on lake Ontario,  about half an hour west of Toronto.
I am a Daily Painter - striving to be the best craftsman that I can be! What does this mean - I paint everyday in my studio and produce a finished piece every day. 

How, What and Why!

First the How - The paintings on this blog are created using water based oil paints. I use Water Mixable Oil Colour. They handle and feel the same as traditional oil colours with a number of advantages. No solvents required and cleanup is with water and the smell is almost zero. The drying time is faster especially if painted on a gessoed surface. To say I love them would be an understatement. I have added new colours to my pallette as well as aome that are not water mixable, and I love it!!

Then the What
- People always ask what made me paint that or why do I choose this for a subject matter. These questions are both easy and hard to answer. Sometimes a subject just catches my eye other times its a mood or feeling. I have always love painting of people faces - just regular people going about their lives daily.

Now the Why
- I have to paint - It makes me happy and content. It bring calmness and relaxation to my life. In saying this please don't think my life is in total disarray as it is not, painting just adds to the great life that I have.

I will be adding a "how it's done section and also a youtube video in the near future"

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