Sunday, January 15, 2012

No 400 Five Mile Marker

Five Mile Marker
6 x6 oil on gessoed board
This is being auction off at with a starting bid of $75 and will include shipping to Canada and the USA. Here is the link
Well this is painting number 400. There use to be stone markers on the roads where I grew up. I sometime feel that I have travel a huge distance in my painting life. I think this painting suits the journey and the distance I have travel as well as a glimpse into the future of where I am still to go in my journey. There always seems to be a movement forward, some days the movement feels very small, but there always seems to be a progression. I hope you enjoy this one! 

This painting has a lot of symbolism in it. The road - a long straight never ending path to travel in ones life. The wall on the left side - a strong partner and someone to help keep you on the road. The old Oak tree, a strong presence in the future, the blue flowers - always parts of the journey with time for thought. Finally the marker in the road, a gentle measure of how far one has come. 


  1. Really cool painting and thought process. These colors are terrific. I, for one, have noticed the beautiful progression in your work. When I first saw this piece on my thumbnail I thought it was Karin Jurick. YOu got to like hearing that. Congrats Robin!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment - Karin Jurick is one of my mentors - thanks again