Monday, November 7, 2011


 TONY MOFFITT runs a art critque - below is the critique he did of my blog and work - Thanks Tony - I had no idea he was doing this.

You can find more about him and what he does at 

Independent critiques of artwork and artist blogs to guide and inform the worldwide art-buying public, and the commercial art gallery industry

Artist: Robin J Mitchell

Blog: A Painting A Day

Creating a new painting every day takes incredible discipline. The task also comes with its own challenges; issues with technique and subject matter in particular.
Canadian artist Robin J Mitchell solves these problems by creating small pieces in oils, and drawing on his local surroundings for a great deal of his inspiration.
Unlike other artists who can labour at a canvas for days (and often weeks), creating a painting a day often means detail is sacrificed for the sake of other artistic pursuits. Mitchell chooses to paint his environment with a more impressionistic style using shapes, texture and colour to capture a scene, rather than toiling endlessly over the 'fine print'.
The choice of subjects Mitchell paints is absolutely eclectic! Scrolling down his blog page is an adventure; you honestly never know what to expect next.
Subject matter focuses heavily on his home environment of Lake Ontario... and then just when you think you know what to expect next, you scroll down to a delightful figurative painting, or a car, a tractor... and a statue!
For art lovers who enjoy the unexpected, visiting Mitchell's blog is a little like browsing through an antique shop... you're never quite sure what delight will come into view next.
Mitchell's blog is well laid out, clean and (relatively) clutter free. Each painting listed has a few words of description, and all the pieces are for sale. Mitchell offers Paypal facilities for purchasers.
In particular, I really like the information the artist includes down the panel of his page under the heading of 'How, What and Why'. Here you can discover a little about the artist's methods and his motivation for painting the subjects he paints.
Artist.Blog.Critique Ratings:
Blogsite: 7.5
Opinion: A developing artist

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