Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Honarable Mr. Books 080

The Honorable Mr Brooks
6 x 6 oil on board ($100.00 plus shipping)
Please email me if you are interested in purchasing

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  1. Hi Robin, found your site from your feature on EmptyEasel... I admire the freshness and light in your work! Congrats from a fellow Canadian! I'm also an artist, and have painted smaller pieces since I began. Recently though I've been trying to paint larger, because of high cost of framing smaller pieces. I can't say it's been a great success - I've found my larger pieces becoming overworked and losing the special quality that working the piece 'all at once' brings. it's been rather disappointing. I'd been thinking I should just get back to the smaller ones - sticking to doing 'what I do well' - but don't know how to make it work, and still make a profit on the pieces I sell through a gallery. Could you tell me - do you work exclusively on smaller canvasses, and, do you sell through a gallery? If so, how do you manage with the smaller pieces?

    Also, one more question if that's ok?! Can you tell me how you manage to work full-time, yet still find the time and energy to paint every day? I find that after a day of work, and taking care of life I am beat! I'd love to paint every day but wonder how? When? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the beautiful work - it's really inspiring!! Cheryl