Friday, July 30, 2010

Rescue Boat 005

Rescue Boat
(6 x 6 inches oil on hardboard)
$65.00 plus shipping. 
Please email me if you are interested in purchasing
They have a Towarf building at the end of the harbour that has a resucue boat sitting in the water ready for any help that is required. You often see it out in the evenings around Oakville Harbour.

On a side note - some people have asked me why I paint a this size. Well here's the scoop - I have a fulltime job as well as a family - so this leaves a small window of time in which I am able to paint. Six inches by six inches seems small but when you are looking at it at nine o'clock in the evening it can seem fairly daunting. In the morning on the way downstairs for breakfast I always have a look to see what happen the night before in my studio. I really love to paint.

This is a a long weekend in Ontario and I exhibit at ART in the PARK down at Bronte Harbour. This is my third year that I will be there and am really looking forward to it. Below is the promo artwork that the Oakville Art Society give to one to promote the Show.

Have a great weekend and check back to see photos of the event as well my paintings for the weekend.

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