Monday, October 5, 2009

No 025 Raven Hills Road, Belfast

Sundays forth Painting

Raven Hill Road, Belfast
Artist : Robin J Mitchell, Oakville Ontario Canada
7 x 7 Oil on board
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I found a blog that Bill Guffey is running were the idea behind the blog is to choose a different city each month. You gather the image that interests you using Google Maps Street view. Its is really novel idea and I have decided to submit to this site. The above image is from Google and is in Belfast on Raven Hill Road. Its is of a church but I am not sure as to what is happening, is it a wedding, I think it is by the large gathering of guys dressed in black on the stairs and the red carpet. I really like that some of the ladies are wearing hats, that's something that you don't see that often at church here.
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  1. I admire your work and passion for painting for some time.
    Please come to my blog and collect a reward that had been passed to me and now is waiting for other 7 talented bloggers!

  2. Wonderful painting--I love the looseness of your brushwork! You found some people to paint, too. I've submitted some entries to Virtual Paintout and I think people in the composition really add movement and life. Bravo--great work!

  3. Hi, Robin! I am attracted to the crop, point of view, of all your work. Most interesting and effective!
    I tried the Virtual Paintout for the first time, and really am intrigued by the opportunity Street View offers artists. I may never come home!