Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am behind Again!

The Nest
(5 x 7 oil on Board
$30 Plus $6.00 Shipping)

Waters Edge
( 20 x 20 Oil on Gallery Canvas
$350 plus shipping - I will have to check on cost
email me if you are interested)

Spring Sun
( 10 x 20 on Gallery Canvas
$350.00 plus shipping
I will have to check on the cost
email me if you are interested) 

Flower box
( 10 X 10 Oil on board
$70 plus $6.00 shipping)


  1. These are all beautiful paintings! My favorite though is "Spring Sun" because I know how challenging it must have been to paint all those greens and get them to separate into foreground, middleground and background. It's my favorite because it reads so well and the chair is that special touch at the end. Really nice!

  2. Another great set of paintings. I don't think you're behind at all. A painting a day is a lot ot keep up with!

    I'm taken by the Nest for its juxtaposition of nature with engineering, and the Flower Box for it's soft dots of life that come together in a soothing composition.

  3. Robin, You work is just wonderful! If you only finished one painting a year, it would be worth the wait! Having said that, I cannot wait to see the next ones.